Breakfast, Dessert, Tea time

Genuine French crêpes (thin pancakes)

  It must be because my kids are currently on holidays, I behave as the perfect cooking mum… French pancakes are definitely a MUST, the sweet dream of my kids for their 5 PM break (“goûter”). “Crêpes” will be a great success at breakfast, at teatime or as the final touch of a gourmet dinner… Read More Genuine French crêpes (thin pancakes)

Breakfast, Dessert, Tea time

Pain perdu: the genuine French toasts

  It seems French toast is an hit of International hotels breakfast buffet. However, even after having tried many of them out of France, I’ve never appreciated them. I am a very demanding customer regarding French toast. Actually, “Pain perdu” (French toast in French) comes from my childhood: my mother used to do it for… Read More Pain perdu: the genuine French toasts

Dessert, Tea time

Mi-cuit au chocolat

Any chocolate cake lover shouldn’t die before trying this cake! We call it “mi-cuit” because it’s “half cooked”. I think the translation in English is “chocolate warmed lava cake”. On Sunday afternoons when weather is rainy or cloudy I remain at home with my husband and kids watching a movie and prepare this magical cake.… Read More Mi-cuit au chocolat