Chicken and poultry, Christmas, Main course

Chicken with morels

  Chicken with morels: a delicious and festive French traditional dish Looking for a comforting poultry dish replacing turkey stuffed with chestnuts for Christmas? Have you ever tried a generous chicken with morels? This dish is very convenient for the festive season: you can prepare it in advance and just warm it at the very… Read More Chicken with morels

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Crispy monkfish tail with Serrano ham

Monkfish tail is a delicious fish very much appreciated in France for its firm and delicate flesh. Quite close to the lobster flesh it’s common to find it on festive tables. Besides, particularly lean (0.7% of fat!) and without fish bones, it’s very easy to prepare. This monkfish is prepared with a smoked moutain ham… Read More Crispy monkfish tail with Serrano ham

Christmas, Fish, Main course

Crayfish with lemon and herb butter

Looking for some ideas for Christmas? Personnaly I always prefer the sea option: salmon, scallops, lobster, crayfish… For this coming Christmas, I have selected crayfish: I particularly appreciate its delicate and firm flesh with fine iodized flavours. (You can also prepare this recipe with lobsters, both seafoods are perfects!) There are many ways to prepare crayfish… Read More Crayfish with lemon and herb butter

Chicken and poultry, Main course

Cheddar chicken and baked potatoes

  A cheddar chicken and baked potatoe easy recipe for everyday with a small touch of originality. My husband and kids loved it! Cheddar is generously melting and garlic-parsley-lemon touch will transform an easy-everyday French chicken recipe into an unforgettable dish. Delicious and recumforting in winter, this dish is also interesting from a nutritional point… Read More Cheddar chicken and baked potatoes

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Marinated grilled salmon

Salmon is one of my favorite fishes. Not only for its incredible taste but also for its nutritional properties. It’s not a traditional French recipe but one inspired by world food fusion. In that marinated salmon recipe, inspiration comes from Asia and thanks to the marinade, it’s particularly tasty and healthy. Besides, it’s quite a polyvalent… Read More Marinated grilled salmon