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Mussels and pesto French gratin

In France we love mussels. The most typical recipe is undoubtly the “moules marinières” that we eat with French fries. This recipe is also very much appreciated in the south of France. It’s an excellent, cheap and convenient starter for a summer time dinner: you can prepare it in advance and just grill it at… Read More Mussels and pesto French gratin

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Scallops carpaccio with mango

  Absolutly sublime as a fresh starter when receiving friends or family at home! Scallops carpaccio is the best way to discover the smelting texture and subtle flavour of scallops. Raw scallops are really good provided they are very fresh. That recipe can be served as a starter or even as a main dish if it… Read More Scallops carpaccio with mango


Oeufs en Meurette – Burgundian poached eggs

  Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. This recipe smells autumn: mushrooms, red wine, caramelized onions, bacon, crispy bread, garlic… It’s a very famous recipe in France coming from Burgundy, THE French wine region. According to the American magazine Food and Wine, Oeuf Meurette is the 5th best recipe of all times. It is… Read More Oeufs en Meurette – Burgundian poached eggs

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Gourmet salmon toast

  My loveling daughter (she is 11 years old) loves watching cooking series like Top Chef. She is very creative and likes colourful meals. She appreciates very much dishes for the five senses: taste, visual, smell, touch, sound… The dishes she prepares are always very colourful and nice looking. This recipe wasn’t created by my… Read More Gourmet salmon toast