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French Rhubarb pie with meringue

  Yesterday I organized a “cousinade” at home. An event to bring together cousins of different generations. As I couldn’t reasonably cook for 35 persons, everybody came with something : salads, pies, tarts, desserts, softs, wines… Everyone prepared its specialty and it was an opportunity to discover new recipes… My godmother prepared a rhubarb pie… Read More French Rhubarb pie with meringue

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Chocolate cake, the one…

I regularly buy cooking and pastry books. I have probably  60 or 70 different books into my collection. I’ve never counted them. I love watching their nice pictures and I cannot resist to prepare my favorite recipes. This is exactly what happened yesterday night. I had guests at home and one hour before their arrival I… Read More Chocolate cake, the one…

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Genuine French crêpes (pancakes)

Today is “Chandeleur day” in France. This is an important day: the day of pancakes! Every mum prepares crêpes (French pancakes) served generally at 5PM for the kid afternoon break. Today French supermarkets will certainly make an hit with eggs, milk and flour, the key ingredients of French crêpes. We generally serve them with sugar… Read More Genuine French crêpes (pancakes)

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Orange cake : French pastry recipe

Even if we can find orange throughout the year, I consider it as an end-of-year fruit. In December, I love preparing orange-based recipes: orange cake, orange pie, orange duck (a famous French specialty). I also enjoy very much special Christmas warm squeezed orange juice! Prepared with cinnamon it smells deliciously Christmas. But let’s start with… Read More Orange cake : French pastry recipe

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Christmas biscuits “Winàchtsbredele”

  Christmas is coming as well as its recumforting traditions: christmas tree, advent wreath, Christmas crib… But do you know the tradition of “Winàchtsbredele”, the Chistmas biscuits from Alsace ? Christmas biscuits: an important tradition in Alsace (East of France) In Alsace, Christmas is not taken lightly, Christmas traditions are everywhere and heavily present. People… Read More Christmas biscuits “Winàchtsbredele”