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Chocolate fondant cake

Chocolate fondant


As Oscar Wilde said: “I can resist to everything except temptation”. That cake will be a good way to check that principle!

My daughter is invited to a Birthday party next saturday and has decided to prepare the cake with a friend. At the beginning she wanted to prepare a geant lava cake Mi-cuit au chocolat. But I explained her that this type of cake is always prepared with individual moulds (sometimes coffee cups) otherwise they cannot be served. Therefore, i have looked on internet different others chocolate fudge cakes and tried several ones. I prepared the following cake yesterday and it was the one chosen by my daughter. It’s really amazing, not as liquid as a chocolate lava cake but with a smooth and melting texture.

The recipe comes from the very famous French pastry chef Philippe Conticini that is known to be a person loving really good food.

His recipe is very simple. It’s an everyday cake. So easy to prepare that it can be prepared by a kid! If you want to watch the vidéo (it’s in French but images speak for themselves in particular at 5 minutes of the start of the vidéo till the end) just click on Philippe Conticini blog


Chocolate fondant cake recipe

For 6 servings


  • Preparation: 10 minutes
  • Cooking: 15 minutes
  • Total: 25 minutes


  • 2.29 oz (65g) caster sugar
  • 2.05 oz (58g) wheat flour
  • 2 large eggs (4.23 oz or 120g)
  • 4.06 oz (115g) of unsalted butter (but I ma sure it would be also amazing with salted butter!)
  • 3.35 oz (95g) of top quality dark chocolate
  • 0.71 oz (20g) of milk chocolate
  • 0.71 oz (20g) of crushed white chocolate
  • some grains of salt (or “salt flower”)


  • Preheat oven to 340 °F (170°C)
  • Melt the dark, milk chocolate and butter using Waterbath technique. Make sure the temperature remains always under 45-50°C otherwise the chocolate will cook and become dry. You can also use a microwave: three consecutive periods of 35 seconds.
  • Whisk the eggs, add the sugar and mix immediatly (in order to avoid that the sugar “burns” the eggs”). Then, add the flour that you have previously sifted.
  • Combine together the melted chocolate with the eggs-flour mixture. Be as quick as possible to mix this preparation otherwise the texture of the cake will be different from the one expected. The texture should be quite liquid.
  • Butter and flour a small mould (diameter 5.5 in i.e.14 cm)) and pour half of the preparation into it.
  • Add the crushed white chocolate and sprinkle some grains of salt (don’t do it if you use salted butter 🙂  ). Not too much otherwise it will be too salty. The salt will enhance the chocolate flavour.
  • Then cover with the remaining chocolate mixture.
  • Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes in oven depending on the level of “melting that you want

This chocolate fondant cake can be served warm or cold. Enjoy!

My additional suggestion:

  • The chef use T45 flour because it’s the best flour to be used from a pastry technical point of view. T45 flour is equivalent to Type 00 Italian flour, Euro 450 flour type and American Cake flour. It’s a white fine flour. personnally, I always use T80 flour (it’s a brown flour, a semi-coarse wheat flour. I use it because it’s better for the health. Quantity of nutriments, mineral salts and vitamins is much higher and glycemic index (GI) is much lower 🙂
  • If you want a more melting texture reduce the baking length (13 minutes for instance instead of 15)

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