Fruit and vegetables storage


Quality of ingredients is key for getting good results. Great ingredients, great taste…

But it’s not enough. Quality and temperature of storage is also very important.

Some recommandations (not valid for tropical countries):

  • tomatoes, avocados, banana, apricots, peaches: room temperature storage and never in a closed bag
  • keep apples and bananas away from other fruits in terms of storage. Why? Because they naturally exhale ethylene which is a natural gas accelerating maturation of fruits… Many fruits exhale ethylene but apples and bananas exhale a large quantity of it.
  • separate onions and potatoes
  • when fruits are mature they can be storaged in the fridge. Not before.
  • strawberries, red fruits, salads should be storaged in the fridge from beginning.
  • in the fridge each ingredient should be packed separately and protected from air to avoid cross-contamination and bad smells
  • wash the fruits and vegetable just before use. Never before.
  • never buy apricots if they are not mature. They will never get good taste 🙂