Today is the first day…


Last week I attended a French cooking lesson in Paris. It was about how to do macarons. I have never succeeded to do macarons.


It’s probably the most difficult recipe from the French cooking history. I was the only French woman attending the lesson. It’s probably due to the fact that it was in English lenguage… Which French girl would do a cooking lesson in English except me?
It was quite expensive and the lesson was very technical. When I went back home and tried to do the recipe again the result was not so bad, however not as good as during the course.

Two things came to my mind:

1) Many people from other countries love French food
2) They think French cuisine is very sophisticated and complicated like macarons are…

But believe me: we are 70 million people living in France and we do NOT cook sophisticated recipes everyday. Only chefs do or when our mother-in-law comes home. Which happens hopefully not so often ?

So here, we are:

What if foreign people loving French food would discover real French food?  I mean cuisine from real people, not complicated recipes.. but still so good.

In the coming weeks, I will leave on this blogs some ideas of recipes. MY recipes. Please tell me what you think about them. Is it good? Do you like it?

That would be so wonderful if you give me your feedback about recipes and about my blog.

(Please apologize for my poor English…)

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