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Tatin pie (apple pie)

tarte tatin

Tatin pie or “Tarte Tatin” is definitely one of my favorites pies. It’s very difficult to stop eating it once started! Caramelized apples have such a sweet and melt-in-the-mouth texture… served with double cream, it’s a pure delight ?

That delicious French apple pie traditionaly made with shortcrust pastry (and not puff pastry) is generously filled with caramelized apples. It is baked upside down but served right side up.

Tarte Tatin’s story

Do you know the story of that pie? It has been created by sisters Tatin in France (in Sologne) at the end of the 19th century. The two sisters hold a restaurant. One day, Stéphanie Tatin forgot the pastry when preparing an apple pie. As soon as she was aware of her mistake she added the pastry. Tatin pie was born ?

If it’s origins are a controversial subject (I think it’s a fake news from 19th century…), however that rustic pie is an hit with everyone. It is so true that it is present in all restaurant dessert menu!

Genuine Tatin pie recipe

For 6 servings


      • Preparation: 20 min
      • Cooking: 1 hour
      • Total: 1h20


      • 8 apples*
      • 3.53 oz (100g) unsalted sliced butter. Variant: salted butter makes also great result
      • 3.53 oz (100g) sugar

* I recommend using apples renowned for pies. In France, for Tatin pie we use preferably “Reinette” or “Boskoop”. We can also use “Royal Gala” or “Granny Smith” or “Pink Lady” or “Jonagold”


      • Peel, core and then slice the apples into 4
      • Butter a mould with half the butter and put it over medium heat. The mould should have high rim and be about 9 to 9.4 inch (23-24 cm) diameter
      • Pour half the sugar on all the surface, then place the apple into the mould (rounded side looking down). Apples should be tightly pressed each others
      • Finally cover with the remaining sliced butter and sugar
      • Let slowly caramelize for about 20 to 30 minutes. Keep an eye on the cooking process: the caramel should’nt get burned
      • That process is key: apples should caramelize with the butter and sugar. I don’t recommend to prepare first a caramel and then add the apples. The caramel is prepared with the juice naturally exhaled during the cooking process…
      • Preheat the oven to 372°F (180°C)
      • Once the apples are caramelized, let them cool for several minutes (in order to avoid burning your fingers)
      • Roll out dough to 3 mm thickness and put it on the apples
      • Fold the exceeding pastry inside the mould
      • Make a very small hole with a knife in the middle of the pie allowing steam to escape
      • Bake your tarte Tatin for about 35 minutes
      • Remove the apple pie from the oven and demould immediatly on a plate
      • Replace correctly the apples if necessary and let cool
      • Serve barely warm. Purists serve Tatin pie without anything else. You can eventually serve it with whole double cream

Tarte tatin wine pairing

If your tarte Tatin is served after dinner, tea, coffee or wine are a perfect match. regarding wines, prefer a sweet or liquorous one:

      • Sweet Gaillac
      • Alsace Riesling (late harvest wine)
      • Sweet Tokay
      • Alsace Gewurtzraminer (late harvest wine)
      • Vouvray
      • Champagne

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